About us

About us

Shin ID ia a subsidiary from the company Sporting ID. Sporting ID was founded in 2014 from an attic room, but had seen a good growth in the past years. For example; Sporting ID sell more than 1000 captain armbands a month around the world on the basis of the website www.captain-armband.com.

The concept of Shin ID was devised in 2017 by Mark Smih & Sven Moerland.

Who is Mark Smith?

Mark Smith has played in professional football since he was 16 and ended in 2010 after having played for Feyenoord, Sparta Rotterdan & AGOVV Apeldoorn, among others.
After 2010, Mark Smith continued to have the desire to work in the sports world, hence he kept looking for a nice challenge. In 2014, Mark Smith decided to start his own company, called Sporting ID

Who is Sven Moerland?

Like Mark Smith, Sven Moerland also has a huge passion for sports and especially for football.
Sven Moerland can be summarized as a creative, commercially oriented strategic thinker. Also very sporty and also social. A strong point of him is the enthusiasm with which he pick things up. When he starts something, he does is with a lot of dedication and passion.

Finally living in Willemstad, so Brabant roots with a Rotterdam mentality.